My Ultimate Travel Bucket List – Top 10


1. Visit Uganda and go gorilla trekking

Alas, my love for gorillas probably goes all the way back  to when I was around eight years old and I’ve loved them ever since. To me, out of all the things on this list it’s the most important and exciting. Must. Go. NOW.

2. Go to Borneo and see orangutans in the wild

Okay so pretty similar to number one, let me explain, my three ultimate favorite animals (not in order because I can’t decide) are Orangutans, Gorillas and Rhinos. A rather handsome trio! Its my goal to see all three in the wild before I die/before they go extinct. I luckily have been able to tick seeing a beeeeeaut of a black rhino on safari in the Masai Mara…ugh thinking about it now just brightens my day! One down, two to go!

3. See the northern lights

This one is for you Dad. I cant even explain…it just blows my mind!

4. Visit all 7 continents before I’m 30 years old

A bit of a broad one. Five down, two to go. South America and Antarctica (need to get over my severe dislike of the cold for that one)

5. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

That sure as hell wont be easy…but then again nothing worth doing ever is. I’m not a climber by any means, there’s just something about Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest point of Africa, that makes me wanna pack my walking boots pronto.

6. Visit New York

 The statue of liberty, Times Square, huge sandwiches, Broadway, Empire State, Rockefeller, Central Park, yellow cabs, the Guggenheim, the skyline, the lights…the city that never sleeps. You name it I wanna do it, all those notoriously touristy things and more.

7. Salt Flats in Bolivia

Now, as strange as it probably sounds ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to go to Bolivia. My mum always told the story of when I was born and how my dad called my grandfather from the hospital and told him they decided to name me Olivia and instead my grandfather heard Bolivia. ‘Why on EARTH would you call your firstborn Bolivia?!’ Bringing a whole new meaning to Geological baby names, take that Brooklyn and Sydney! The salt flats from what I can only imagine are stunning. I have a pretty romanticized and biased view about them which I 100% admit but I’m just in total awe when I see an image of the salt flats.

8. Amazon Rainforest

I feel conflicted about this one. I would love to go but, and im throwing my hands up here, I would be terrified. The spiders alone are enough to put me off. So much that lives there wants to kill and eat you. I mean it has Anacondas for goodness sake…they never stop growing!! I’ve put this on here because its sooo iconic, so incredible it would be a huge achievement for me to go. Just not right now.

9. Travel to Egypt and see the Pyramids & River Nile

A pretty amazing bit of history right there. Need I say much more?

10. Space

If you’re gonna dream, you may as well dream big right? I always wanted to be an astronaut as a child, I still harbor that dream at the grand old age of 24. You never know when Sir Richard Branson will pick up the phone and ask you to join him up in space. Im waiting, Richard.

Obviously there are tonnes of places I would love to visit in the world. These ones are just my ultimate top 10 because they mean a lot to me…I may have to let number 10 go though.


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